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Independence Rock Media Group attracts an active, loyal audience from a variety of ages and interests. We have 12 stations featuring a variety of music and listeners. From old classics to country music, weather, news, and talk shows we have a station for everyone on both AM & FM Radio. We serve two constituencies – the listener and the advertising client. We get that and put all our creative energies into making that work.

We’re stacked with a talented team of creative professionals who create unique marketing messages to advertise your business and reach your target market every week. We don’t just create to advertise, we meet your customers where they’re at. We create, we sell, and we get you results. Now it’s time to let us work with you!

Cal Hunter

Cal Hunter, president, is a 40-year veteran television and Radio broadcaster. As a journalist, he has interviewed many business leaders, newsmakers and presidents. For his news management he was nominated for three Northern California Emmy Awards. He is a professional content creator who will ensure your radio advertisements give your business the right sales pitch for the most success.

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Donna Hunter

Donna Hunter is our Office Manager who does a remarkable job of keeping the office running smoothly. She is in charge of traffic, commercial scheduling, billing, national sales, and more.

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